Name, title:

Tomaž Kosmač,  Prof.,




“Jožef Stefan” Institute, Jamova 39, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia


Personal Data:

Born 19/10/1948, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Married, 2 children



B.Sc.: 1974 in Metallurgy from University of Ljubljana

M.Sc.: 1987 in Metallurgy from University of Ljubljana

Dr. Sc.: 1982 in Chemistry from University of Ljubljana



- Since 1974 - “Jožef Stefan”  Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia

- 1979 - 1980 on leave with Max Planck Institute for Metal Research, PML, Stuttgart, FRG, as visiting research fellow

- 1990 - 1991 visiting Associate Professor at the University of Virginia, Mat. Sci. Dept., Charlottesville VA

- Present position at IJS: head of Engineering Ceramics Department

- Since 1995 – Part-time Associate Professor, Metallurgy and Materials Dept., University of Ljubljana



- National (B. Kidrič Fund) award for valuable contribution to better understanding of mechanical properties of oxide ceramics (1983)

- Rewards for development and implementation of fused silica ceramics (1986) and ceramic cutting tools (1988)

- National (Ž. Zois Fund) award for valuable technological achievement (2003)



- Slovenian Materials Science Society

- Slovenian Chemical Society, Ceramics Division

- German Materials Science Society (DGM)

- European Ceramic Society

- American Ceramic Society


Main Research Topics:

- Oxide ceramics for structural application with special emphasis on diffusion processes and solid state reactions during sintering of composite materials.

- Mechanical properties of zirconia- toughened ceramics.

- Ceramic processing (including mechano-chemical powder synthesis, colloidal- and deformation powder processing, forming and sintering of green bodies) and its influence on the microstructure and mechanical properties of engineering ceramics.

- Ceramics with bio-medical, in particular dental, applications.

- Beside basic research activities T. Kosmač is acting as principal investigator in several bi-lateral, international (EC, Eureka, NATO SfP) projects as well as applied research projects leading to industrial production.



- over 230 documents, including 110 major publications, 28 invited papers and lectures, 6 patents, 1 patent application, 1 conference proceedings (ed.); 420 citations



Selected major publications (from 1997):

(1) KOSMAČ, Tomaž, JANSSEN, R. Low pressure injection moulding of SiC platelet reinforced reaction bonded silicon nitride. J. Mater. Sci., 1997, vol. 32, str. 469-474.

(2) SAJKO, Marjan, KOSMAČ, Tomaž, DIRSCHERL, R., JANSSEN, R. Microstructure and mechanical properties of low-pressure injection-moulded reaction-bonded alumina ceramics. J. Mater. Sci., 1997, vol. 32, str. 2647-2653. 

(3) NOVAK, Saša, VIDOVIĆ, Krunoslav, SAJKO, M., KOSMAČ, Tomaž. Surface modification of alumina powder for LPIM. J. Eur. Ceram. Soc.. [Print ed.], 1997, 17, str. 217-223.

(4) KOSMAČ, Tomaž, NOVAK, Saša, SAJKO, Marjan. Hydrolysis-assisted solidification (HAS): a new setting concept for ceramic net-shaping. J. Eur. Ceram. Soc.. [Print ed.], 1997, 17, str. 427-432.

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