I. Support activities


SWP1:  National “Mobilization workshops”

Mobilization workshop in Slovak Republic, February 14-16, 2005, Kosice

Mobilization workshop in Bulgaria, November 24-25, 2004, Sofia

Mobilization workshop in Czech Republic, October 13-15, 2004, Brno

Mobilization workshop in Estonia, March 17, 2005, Tallin

Mobilization workshop in Hungary, March 21-22, 2005, Budapest

Mobilization workshop in Latvia, March 30-31, 2005, Riga

Mobilization workshop in Poland, March 7, 2005, Warsaw

Mobilization workshop in Romania, March 24-25, 2005, Iasi

Mobilization workshop in Slovenia

Mobilization workshop in Turkey, July 6-7, 2005, Gebze




SWP2:  Information&communication tools

NENAMAT web page




SWP3:  Sharing and Development of the Infrastructure

Catalogue of the infrastructure, equipment, and methodology report of the specialization and complementary of the infrastructure





SWP4: Expert Council & Working Groups



SWP5: Training and Mobility of Young Researchers

Summer School „Advanced Nanotechnologies, Testing, Production and Application of Nanoscale Materials“

Primorsko, BULGARIA, June 1-7, 2005

Exchange and mobility of young researchers, joint publications.




SWP6: Workshop and Conference

NANO'05 - Nanostructured Materials for Functional, Structural and Bio-Medical Application“ Workshop

Brno, CZECH REPUBLIC, November 8 – 10, 2005

NANOVED 2006 - Advances in Nanostructured Materials,  Processing - Microstructure – Properties“ Conference

Stara Lesna, The High Tatras, SLOVAKIA, May 14-17, 2006





II. Management Activities


MWP1: Coordination, Strategy, Promotion & Foresight





MWP2  Women in Science & Education of Young People in the Field of Nanotechnology