Name, title:

Jiří ŠVEJCAR, Prof.


Sci. degree:




Vice-Dean Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (FME)

Brno University of Technology  (BUT)

Vice-Head of the Institute of Materials Science and Engineering, FME-BUT

Head of structural and phase analysis.


Linguistic knowledge:

English, Russian (very good), German (fair)


Field(s) of research acitivity:

- microstructure and mechanical properties of moraging steels, ADI (austempered ductile iron), Al2O3 and ZTA;

- high-strain-rate deformation of Fe-Ni and Cu single crystals and of steel;

- biocompatible materials, FGM and coatings, nanomaterials;

- analytical electron microscopy of above mentioned fields.


Management activities:

- management of research activities and doctoral study on FME-BUT,

- management of department and institute activities,

- preparation and management of 13 national and international projects, such a GAČR, EUREKA, COST, INGO etc.


Membership, functions:

- member of TC MAT COST (Technical Committee for Materials, COST-CZ representative from 1993)

- member of bilaterial (CZ-Austria) committee AKTION

- Head member of Program Committee COST, EUREKA, AKTION (members) and EUPRO (head) – advisory committees established by Czech Ministry of Education and Sport

- Vice-president of Czech Society for New Materials and Technology

- member of ASM, DGM, EMAS and IOM

- Head of Centrum for New Materials and Technologies

- member of GAČR (Grant Agency of Czech Republic), 1996-2002

- member of scientific board (FME-BUT, Czech Techn. Univ. Praha and University of Defense, Brno)


Awards, prizes, grants:

- 2002 Annual award of Czech Society for New Mater. and Technology



Author/co-author/editor of 4 books, 62 papers in domestic and international scientific journals, 148 papers in conference proceedings, etc.



52 in SCI, over 150 of other citations


Teaching activities:

- lectures for students of Materials Engineering (5 subjects) – FME-BUT

- supervisor of diploma (over 20) and Ph.D. students (14) – FME-BUT

- member of committees for Ph.D. study on FME BUT, Masaryk University of Brno and Bata Technical University, Zlín


Long term positions abroad:

- 1989 R.U.C.A University of Antwerpen, Centre of Electron Microscopy



List of selected publications (from over 350)

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